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I’m still trying to figure out if the stuff I’ve gotten is new or not. I was certainly right about there being an error in the proof of Claim 3.5 on page 381 — Shelah points out in [Sh:513] “Pcf and infinite free subsets of an algebra” that the proof is incorrect, and only establishes something much weaker. But I have no idea if he’s rescued the result somewhere else in his collected works. I’ve emailed him; we’ll see what he says.


See? I told you!

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Well, it seems that forcing myself to work through this material one post at a time has made some of it sink in. I’m pretty sure I figured out how to repair the flawed proof I complained about in June, resulting in reasonably transparent proof of Shelah’s cov vs. pp theorem. So who cares if no one reads this blog? It works for me anyway! 😉

I’ll probably end up writing the proof up properly, and then posting a link to it here. Here’s hoping it survives my attempts at writing it down!

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