Current Project: [Sh:430] Section 1

January 24, 2011 at 21:19 | Posted in Cardinal Arithmetic, [Sh:430] | Leave a comment

So, I’ve decided what I want to try to accomplish with this blog: I want to use it as a tool for developing a reasonable exposition of more advanced pcf material. I consider this an experiment, as I have no idea how effective this will be, and it is entirely possible that I decide the entire endeavour is silly.

My first project will be to develop a treatment of the first section of [Sh:430] “Further Cardinal Arithmetic”; my intermediate goal is to concentrate on resuts related to the “cov vs. pp” problem.

It is safe to say that most of what I will be doing is presenting results of Shelah; if something is unattributed then consider it a result of Shelah (although I tend to try and reformulate things to make them more understandable to myself).

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